learner of all things code most likely to make wife laugh master of the pixel savage board game savant ask me about my gooey butter cake budding code padawan 'dad' to 3 four-legged friends champion of a second career connoisseur of pizza disciple of debugging slayer of pixel dragons full stack developer
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The web is an incredible place —

the ability to speak its language to build experiences and control visual outcomes is fascinating to me. But, my familiarity of code and the decision to make it my schtick has been a fairly new endeavor.

Prior to embarking on my journey to code mastery, I spent 21 years in retail management where I garnered business, sales and leadership acumen. Then in 2018, I decided to take the plunge and learn something new — to make coding my passion. I’ve spent the last two years ingesting all that I can about front-end dev, doing some freelance projects and building a portfolio. Now the iron’s hot and I’m ready to strike. Beam me up, Scotty.


HTML  /  CSS  /  JavaScript  /  SASS  /  Git

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